June 21, 2024

Two Decorative Beeswax Candles, made by rolling, colouring permitted, matching in all respects.

NOTE: This class was not judged as the judges felt they could not judge candle classes remotely as it is impossible to assess aroma, clarity of the wax, centralization of the wick, burn etc, which are all key criteria for judging candles.

Entrant ID:  1042567 Entrant Name:  Gill Brewer
Description: Rolled Decorative Candles
Two sheets of BS deep unwired foundation were used for each candle. They were laid end to end and cut at an angle along the long edge to make the taper at the top of the candle. 1½ inch wick was dipped into molten beeswax to coat. This helps to stick the wick to the foundation and aids lighting. Wax was warmed gently using a hairdryer and rolled tightly around the wick from the wide end of the foundation. Candles were rolled gently on a flat surface to stick down the narrow end of the foundation.
The decorative bees were moulded from beeswax, cut out with a craft knife, and stuck to the candles with a drop of molten beeswax.
Entry: 1042567-17a 1042567-17b 1042567-17c
Result:  –


Entrant ID:  1039854 Entrant Name:  Fiona Cook
Entry:  1039854-17-a 1039854-17-b 1039854-17-c 1039854-17-d
Result:  –