2023 Honey Show Results

A message from the Honey Show secretary, Sue Lang:

Thank you to everyone who entered/helped at the Honey Show and Festival on Saturday 7th October at The Discovery Centre, Luton.
It was a brilliant day, lots of great quality entries for the honey show, and lots of people through doors for the festival. The stalls were swamped and all the honey was sold. There was also great interest in the Yellow Legged Asian Hornet stand. This event is only successful because of all the people who give up their time to support the association, so Thank You again.

I’m very pleased to report that Bedfordshire came 2nd this year in the Federation Cup, hosted by the National Honey Show. Thanks to the class winners at Bedfordshire’s honey show, who kindly allowed their winning entries to be put forward (Wally Thrale, Phil Archer, Caroline Luxford, Sue Lang)”

Results and Placings

Trophies and Awards

National Honey Show Federation Cup Beds entries and places

The 2023 Honey Show was managed using the following:

Honey Show Schedule 2023 – details and description of entry classes

Rules for 2023 – please make sure you follow these rules to ensure that all your hard work is judged!

Labelling Exhibits – details of how to label your exhibits

Recipes – these are the recipes that should be used for our show (note they are not the National Honey Show recipes)

Awards for 2023 – details of the awards given for various classes

Beds BKA Honey Show Entry Form 2023 – all entries must be received by midnight 1st October 2023