July 17, 2024

Thinking of becoming a Beekeeper?

For many people, learning about bees and beekeeping is captivating and leads to a life-long obsession. You have been warned! However, there is much for a beginner to learn and understand and practical experience in dealing with bees is essential. We strongly recommend that you do not obtain your own bees or equipment until you have learned enough from a beginner’s course (with us or another beekeeping association) that covers both theory and practice. It really is best for both you and the bees to have some sound knowledge and practical experience first. Practical experience is best gained by working with experienced beekeepers through a full beekeeping season (starting in spring and ending in autumn).

Is beekeeping for you?

Some people start beekeeping without realising what it involves. Knowledge, experience and hard work all play a part! Check out our “Is Beekeeping for You?” page.

Beginner Training Courses for 2024

Our two classroom based courses took place in the February-March timeframe and are now completed. Our next in-person courses will be in February and March 2025.

However, we can offer an online, self-paced course. The course covers basic theory and handling of bees and comprises recordings of 8 sessions delivered by experienced beekeepers for a previous beginners training course. The course fee is £95 and includes access to the training, additional handout material and full membership of Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association until 31st December 2024.

It is important for new beekeepers to get experience working with live bees under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper, ideally before getting bees of their own. Thus, in addition to the online theory course, we very much hope that those who have completed it will take the opportunity to experience practical hands-on beekeeping at one of our Association teaching apiaries (Bedford and Luton); sessions are held on Sunday mornings during the beekeeping season (places and weather permitting).

Joining the Course

To sign up for the online course, click here. It will be available to you as soon as the fee is paid. The latest date for subscribing is 31st July.

If you require more information, please contact-us.