Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association maintains a list of its members that are willing to come out to collect honey bee swarms. Please check the map or list to find someone in your local area – if you are not based in Bedfordshire, contact your local Beekeeping Association. Before you contact a beekeeper, please do read So you think you have a swarm of bees which provides more information about identification of honey bees and swarms.

For each beekeeper listed there is an indication of how far that beekeeper is willing to travel. Make sure that you contact a beekeeper who has indicated they are willing to travel to your area. When contacting a beekeeper to discuss removal of a swarm, ask if they charge for their services.

Remember, this is for HONEY BEES only – for all queries about Bumble Bees, Solitary Bees or Wasps, contact your local pest controller or you can try Jason Hilliard on 01234 838391.