Luton Stockwood Apiary Risk Assessment

Hazards Control Measures Actions Risk High Risk Med Risk Low
Visitors/members entering apiary Any person entering the apiary is required to wear appropriate clothing which is secure and functional. Check before entry. X
Bee stings Hives will be opened only in the presence of a skilled beekeeper. At least 2 people present in the training apiary when opening hives. X
Apiary location Apiary is sited behind a protective fence and high hedge, away from public footpath. The gate is locked when not in use. Apiary gate to be locked when not in use. X
Hives All hives placed on stable bases. Regular maintenance. X
Smokers All persons to be aware of appropriate smoker use. Extinguish after use.Then remove from within the apiary. Fire extinguisher available in shed. Check after use and apiary grounds before leaving. X
Injury, anaphylactic shock, muscular strain First aid box available on site.Emergency contact numbers displayed in shed. Work in teams when lifting bulky items. Hve working mobile phone available. Check location before working in apiary. X
Use of chemicals Read and understand all instructions on container/literature. Wear protective clothing as instructed. Instructions for use and appropriate protective equipment available. X
M. Niemann, Apiarist 31/07/2023

Bedford Priory Apiary Risk Assessment

to be provided

Event Risk Assessments

The Association has prepared risk assessments for use where the Association attends or holds events. They have been prepared for Association use but others may find the content useful in the preparation of their own risk assessments. Links to these risk assessments can be found below:

Outdoor Events

Indoor Events

Template (Spreadsheet)

These risk assessment templates may be used by members who run their own market stall. They are made available only to assist members in the preparation of their own risk assessments and should be modified appropriately for their own circumstances.

The Association does not accept any responsibility for the use of the contents.