July 17, 2024

Do you want to become a better beekeeper?

Then join an Improvers’ Group! – a small, local monthly discussion group, led by an experienced beekeeper.

Improvers Group using the Hive-Simulator


These groups have been very successful with members in recent years and if you are in any doubt whether you should go along to your local group then just read some of the quotes from existing members…..

“The best things about our Improvers’ group are meeting other beekeepers, making friends, learning, and trying the ideas we discuss. If it’s on a night I can’t make, I’m really quite miffed! I’ve learnt so much from it, it’s brilliant!”

“For me, the Improvers Group evenings have turned out to be a great social event, meeting peers in a small informal group to share experiences, whilst receiving invaluable tuition in a fun way covering, “what if” scenarios, discussions, quizzes and practical sessions.”

“The Improvers Group has elevated me from being a beginner with little confidence into an intermediate beekeeper with confidence. There were areas of beekeeping, before the group, where I was struggling and now I am enjoying learning about beekeeping and working with bees. Being able to put the knowledge learnt over the winter months into practice in the spring has been fantastic and has already shown great results. Evenings not to be missed!”

“Books are a great knowledge resource but our sessions allow us the opportunity to build on that, share experiences and to benefit from the expertise of our group leader. The challenges of the weather patterns for the past two years, and the impact on beekeeping practice, are perhaps a good example of support needed that is not easily found in a book.”

“The best thing for me has been the ability to test my knowledge in a welcoming and relaxed environment. The small gathering of beekeepers in our group enables me to discover that I know more than I thought I did, plus I learn so much more. It’s a great way for a new beekeeper to grow confidence.”

Improver Groups are held in various locations across the County so if you are interested in coming along contact your local group leader.

Beekeeping Improvers’ Groups

Location Group Leader
North Bedfordshire John Eeuwens or Helen Vaughan
Sandy Wally Thrale
Stockwood Park Michael Niemann
Dunstable/Leighton Buzzard Liz Corbett
Luton Colin Hall
Ampthill Caroline Jordan
Hitchin John Macdougall
Kempston Karen Glasse