June 13, 2024

The Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association is a registered charity (No. 1184466). The majority of the county’s beekeepers are amongst its members together with some from outside the county. Some of the benefits of membership are:-

  • Equipment at reduced prices.
  • Lectures, training classes and demonstrations by experts.
  • Advice and assistance for beginners including practical demonstrations in the Association’s teaching apiaries.
  • Regular newsletters with information on forthcoming events including lectures,
  • Open days and other social occasions.
  • Use of the Association’s library which holds books, journals, slides and other materials of interest to the beekeeper.
  • An annual Yearbook.
  • Third party insurance (for full and honorary members).

The Association has divided the county into 11 areas each of which has an appointed District Advisor, all of whom are willing to provide information to members on the Association and beekeeping generally. District Advisor contact details are provided in the Yearbook.