June 21, 2024

A beeswax model.

Entrant ID:  1045047 Entrant Name:  Andrew Eelbeck
Entry: 1045047-18a 1045047-18b 1045047-18c
Result: rosette-gold


Entrant ID:  1042567 Entrant Name:  Gill Brewer
Description: Beeswax Hive Tool
A life-size beeswax model made by pouring a sheet of beeswax onto a tray to an appropriate thickness, cutting around a stainless-steel hive tool, and sharpening the end with a craft knife.
About as useful as a chocolate tool set. But it would be a fun stocking-filler for a beekeeper!
Entry: 1042567-18a 1042567-18b
Result: rosette-red