June 21, 2024

A photograph with the subject “Reflections of beekeeping”.

 Entrant ID: 1042148  Entrant Name:  Wally Thrale
 Entry: 1042148-2
 Result:  rosette-gold


Entrant ID:  1036889 Entrant Name:  Steven Gale
Description: In this photograph a queen honey bee can be seen surrounded by her ‘court’ of workers. The pheromones produced by the queen are spread throughout the colony by the workers touching her and then touching other workers. Often queens are seen surrounded by a ‘court’ of workers who are feeding her, touching her and gently guiding her round the nest to encourage her to lay eggs.
Entry: 1036889-2
Result: rosette-blue


Entrant ID:  1045105 Entrant Name:  Beverley Underwood
Description: Reflections of beekeeping

Last year (2019) we were very pleased with our queen rearing.  This photograph shows the fruition of last season’s efforts, the frame shows the bees attentively looking after their young virgin queens safely housed within their queen cell, many of which had just been sealed by the attentive workers.

Before we returned this frame to the hive we placed protective ‘curlers’ over the sealed cells to ensure that when the virgin queen hatched she would not be able to destroy the queens within the unhatched cells.  Safely back in the hive, the worker bees could then continue to carry out their duties and complete the remaining unsealed cells in due course.

Unfortunately, our 2020 queen rearing season was unsuccessful, even though we tried to duplicate everything we did last year.  Oh well, bees will be bees !

Entry: 1045105-2
Result:  –


Entrant ID:  1038006 Entrant Name:  Colin Hall
Description: The honey harvest reflects what the bees do and what the flowers give.  This picture seems to glisten with unexpected physical reflections – off the extractor drum, the honey buckets and most of all the rather dark honey itself as it flows out of the tap and cascades into the filter and then rests below.  It captures a sense of time and place when I can reflect in another sense on all that we do in beekeeping which culminates in the honey harvest.
Entry: 1038006-2
Result: rosette-red


Entrant ID:  1042567 Entrant Name:  Gill Brewer
Description:  Friday 31st January 2020: Brexit Day… Global pandemic looming…
But business-as-usual in the apiary!
Honeybee foraging on winter-flowering honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima, planted as a screen around the apiary.
Entry: 1042567-2
Result:  –


Entrant ID:  1039198 Entrant Name:  Michael Holt
Description:  Somebody’s trying to tell me something
Entry: 1039198-2
Result:  –


Entrant ID:  1045171 Entrant Name:  Phil Archer
Description: Photograph 1045171-2.jpg shows worker honey bees at the front of a hive exposing their Nasonov glands (white tip of their abdomens) and fanning their wings to disperse a pheromone (scent) to orientate flying bees and returning foragers to the hive entrance.

This can happen after a disturbance such as a hive inspection, or a swarm colonising an empty hive, and is an encouraging sight for the beekeeper as it indicates that the queen is almost certainly present.

Entry: 1045171-2
Result:  –