July 17, 2024

A short essay about honeybees or your experience with beekeeping.

Entrant ID: 1046796 Entrant Name:  Matthew Conroy-Hood
Description: This is a passage is from an 11 year old entrant.
Entry: Dear Bedfordshire Beekeeping Association

1046796-24a I adore our friend’s bees they are so charming and look happy doing their job to keep each other alive. What really astonishes me that on a pleasant summer morning when I go out to play in our garden that the bees are hard at work collecting pollen, even on our plants.

Collecting the honey fills me with joy, the way you get the flow key, it clicks, and all the honey starts dripping out into a small bucket. The first time I went out to collect honey I was just 8 and it was Jenny’s birthday, so she held a bee party! Before we got the honey, we had to put on the protective suit, but the protective suit was too big for me, but my 2 minutes older brother surprisingly fitted into it. 1046796-24bFortunately, Jenny had a smaller size for me. I went out with everyone to collect the honey, which involved blowing a smoke-like gas onto the bees so that they became subdued and calm. This reduces the chances of us getting stung because they think their hive is on fire, but the problem is that they start rapidly feasting on the honey but, on the other hand, it ensures that they are occupied.

It was one of my proudest moments to collect honey it was not only a privilege, but it was also a pleasure

I will forever remember this fabulous day.

Thank you, Jenny, for the amazing memories and for the beautiful honey.

Result: rosette-gold