May 28, 2024

An artwork (any medium) with the theme of “Pollination”.

Entrant ID:  1044386 Entrant Name:  Elodie Brock
Description:  The entrant is 4 years old. This is what she said about her entry:

“The bees come from a flower with pollen and the pollen gets stuck on their legs and also they drink nectar and then they give the stuff to another flower and the flower makes babies with it.”

Entry:  1044386-26
Result: rosette-gold(Joint)


Entrant ID:  1045724 Entrant Name:  Amelia Crowe
Description:  This was completed by Amelia, aged 13 years. It features lino carving, printing on both cake box and napkin, as well as a delicious honey cake because we need bees to pollinate our crops to produce food.
Entry:  104574-26a 104574-26b 104574-26c 104574-26d 104574-26e 104574-26f 104574-26g 104574-26h 104574-26i 104574-26j 104574-26k 104574-26l
Result:   rosette-gold(Joint)


Entrant ID: 1044389 Entrant Name: Bella Brock
Description: bella-brocks-explanation
Entry: bella-brocks-picture-of-pollination
Result: rosette-gold(Joint)