June 21, 2024

Black and white picture of bees or beekeeping.

Entrant ID: 1036889 Entrant Name:  Steven Gale
Description: A black and white close up photograph of honey bees collecting honey from the top bar of a brood frame.
Entry: 1036889-3
Result: rosette-gold


Entrant ID:  1044445 Entrant Name:  Colin Hall
Description: Delicately deft departure.  This was the only remaining queen cell from my attempts at grafting this year – and I had left it on the frame in the cell-raiser colony, hopefully to requeen it.
Entry: 1044445-3
Result: rosette-blue


Entrant ID: 1045105 Entrant Name:  Beverley Underwood
Description: This is a photograph of my great grandmother with her bees circa 1930.  The family lived in a tiny village; they were Landlords of The Old Globe Inn, the only Inn for many miles.

My grandmother used the empty beer barrels to house her bees in, as well as using traditional skeps.

My father lived with his Grandmother and went on to be a beekeeper throughout all of his life, right up to his death in 2012.  His bees were so important to him, I was very fortunate to inherit his love of bees and now tend to his apiary.

Sadly, I never thought to ask my father if the honey tasted different when it came the bees in the barrels.

Entry: 1045105-3
Result: rosette-red


Entrant ID:  1042567 Entrant Name:  Gill Brewer
Description:  “The Good Old Days”
Face to face apiary meeting in Summer 2019.
Due to coronavirus restrictions, we have missed both the camaraderie and the great learning experience of getting together for an apiary meeting.
Entry: 1042567-3
Result:  –


Entrant ID:  1045171 Entrant Name:  Phil Archer
Description:  Photograph 1045171-3.jpg shows a beekeeper with his equipment box making his way back to his car after inspecting his out-apiary hives. What he doesn’t realise is that there is a cluster of bees on the back of his jacket attracted by his body heat on this slightly chilly day.
Entry: 1045171-3
Result:  –