Download a copy of the rules.

The Show will be conducted in accordance with National Honey Show Rules.  The following important points should be noted:

  1. Certain classes in the Show are declared to be ‘Open’ to members and non-members of Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association. Non-members can win rosettes and certificates. Their names will be engraved on trophies which will be retained by the Honey Show Secretary.
  2. Entries should be submitted as early as possible. All entry forms must be received by 1st October 2023 Note: Entries can be adjusted up to 9:00 am on the day of the show. Labels will be posted to the entrant’s address (as per application form) with notes as to where to affix them.
  3. No exhibits that have previously been awarded a first, second or third place at a Beds BKA honey show (in person or virtual events) to be entered.
  4. The number of entries per class is not restricted, but exhibitors cannot receive more than one award in any one class.
  5. A ‘novice’ is a member of the Association who has not won a 1st prize in any class at any honey show run under National Honey Show rules.
  6. Honey should be in 1lb squat jars having lacquered commercial pattern metal screw lids with flow-in plastic seal or twist lids, or white or gold plastic lids. As the twist lids are not as deep as the screw ones and even when the jar is filled to the required volume, there can be an air gap between the top of the honey and the bottom of the lid. In order for the judges to know that the jar has the correct wight, all jars should be filled at least to the “fill line”. Unless otherwise stated in specific classes the 1lb jar should be used.
  7. ”BD Grading Glasses 2015 approved by National Honey Show” will be used to determine the colour of honey. These are available to purchase from Thorne’s. A set will be available on the day from the Honey Show Secretary to check the correct colour classification.
  8. A few liquid honey exhibits are marked down by the judges because of incipient granulation. Exhibitors are advised to use a LED torch to examine their entries to ensure clarity of their exhibits.
  9. Plastic bags/covers used to cover entries (in wax, cakes etc) can be any colour. They are not part of the judging process; they are only intended to keep dust off the entries.
    Spare paper plates and plastic bags will be available from the Honey Show Secretary on the day of the show.
  10. Frames must be in undecorated bee proof case – the full comb must be visible from both sides and be capable of being lifted out. The wording ‘Suitable for extraction’ means that granulation is not acceptable.
  11. Wax may be exhibited polished or unpolished, in a suitable container with a transparent lid or on a plate in an unsealed plastic bag.
  12. Biscuits to be placed on a white paper plate in unsealed plastic bag. Please provide recipe.
  13. Cup Cakes to be placed on a white paper plate in unsealed plastic bag.
  14. Candles should have label placed in front of exhibit on card provided, and one on a candle.
  15. Mead must be in clear colourless punted 750 ml (26 fl oz) approx.. bottles without fluting or ornamentation, filled to within one inch of the bottom of the stopper which should be cork with a smooth black or white plastic topped cork (this item will be provided free of charge on the day of the show).
  16. All exhibited honey and wax, except model class, should be the produce of the exhibitor’s own bees. All exhibits should be produced by the exhibitor.
  17. Any photographs entered in the show can be requested for use by Beds BKA to further their aims including educating the public about bees and beekeeping and may be used in publicity or training materials and can be placed on to the Association website or Social Media pages.
  18. In line with the aims of Beds BKA any exhibits in Class 25 (interesting or instructive exhibit) should mainly be to educate the public about bees and beekeeping or for training beekeepers.
  19. School or Home-Schooled Junior Classes. Please note the school or children are not required to be members of Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association to enter classes 39 & 40.
  20. Labels will be posted prior to the show, but can be available on the day of the show, with prior agreement.
  21. Exhibits can only be staged on Friday 6th October 2023 between 15:00 and 17:00 or between 08:00 and 09:45 on the day of the show (7th October 2023). All exhibitors must leave the show area by 09:45.
  22. No exhibits may be removed until after the awards presentation (~ 16:00 hrs) on the day of the show, but will need to be removed by 17:00.