This is now hosted by the National Honey Show. With the winners’ permission, winning entries in certain classes of the Beds BKA Honey Show are forwarded to this competition which was held at the end of October 2023.

Overall Result 2nd Place

Class 340             Two matching jars Light Honey                                 Phil Archer                         2nd place

Class 341             Two matching jars Set Honey                                     Wally Thrale                      2nd Place

Class 342             Two matching jars Chunk Honey                              Sue Lang                             2nd Place

Class 343             One Frame Honey suitable for extraction               Sue Lang                             2nd Place

Class 344             Two matching Candles                                                Caroline Luxford               2nd Place

Class 345             Two matching blocks Beeswax                                  Caroline Luxford               2nd Place

Class 346             One Bottle Mead                                                          Caroline Luxford               Not placed