The usual class is a fruit cake, and this can be easily over or under cooked, split topped or sunken centered. There is no excuse for using a different recipe or other size of tin from what the schedule demands, but cakes from the same recipe can vary enormously.

 The commonest faults

 Suggested cure

 Outside cooked too much whilst centre undercooked  Slower longer cooking at lower temperature.
 Uneven fruit distribution  Mix with care.  Mixture is too liquid, so fruit sinks. Some people dry the fruit first and coat it in dry flour before it is mixed in.
 Cracked top – the ‘big smile’ cake  Slow even cooking – expand contents before top makes a crust that has to split under pressure from below.
 Lack of honey flavour or smell  Use a good honey with a flavour that shows.
 Burnt top  Cover the top of the cake with paper whilst cooking. This also helps with the cracking problem
 Poor crumb structure –  puddingy texture  Use only the best ingredients, flour in particular.