These details have been checked with Bedford, Central Beds and Luton Borough Councils, and they agree that they are accurate. Laminated copies of these details will provided to the stewards and judges.

Jar Labelling Regulations


Must Have Can Have
The word ‘Honey The area of production e.g. Bedfordshire (must be at least 75%)
The weight in metric units (at least 4 mm high). Optionally, less prominent imperial units may follow, with 1 space in between). The type of honey e.g. Borage (The honey must contain at least 75% of that crop)
Your name and address (not the apiary location). You must be able to be traced, so a combination of house number and post code is acceptable. Granulation Label
Children Under 12 months Label
Lot Number (required if you sell through a 3rd party). To be visible on label, or instruction where to find it. ‘Direct from the Producer’ statement
Best Before End Date (generally 2-5 years from the extraction date is acceptable). To be visible on label, or instruction where to find it. Tamper Proof Labels
Country of Origin (MUST be on the label, even if you use the word ‘Bedfordshire’ and separate from your address, can be UK or England) Metal or Plastic Lid