A poem about bees or beekeeping.

Entrant ID:  1311133 Entrant Name:  Ruth Bullock
Entry: There’s a thriving busy apiary to the north of Lilley Hoo,

With a host of buzzing bees around the site,

Where a beekeeper is busy keeping a proud look around the view

While the bees forage nectar whilst on flight.


The racing horses running all come to say hello,

Their intriguing gazing faces are all smiles.

But they keep their distance safely as the beekeeper shouts out ‘whoa’

And he carries out his duties all the while.


Time is precious at the apiary when there is so much to be done,

The observations and checking for disease,

Searching, clipping, marking queens is anything but fun,

Or lugging big equipment- bad for shoulders, backs and knees.


Seasons pass by quickly when the bees have busy lives

Changing colours, crops and hedgerows full of life.

The beekeeper busy working collects the produce from the hives,

The honey for the local shop, wax candles for the wife.


There’s a thriving sleepy apiary to the north of Lilley Hoo,

Where the winter stores are filled up to the brim,

Protected from the icy winds, woodpecker and mice too,

The Queen can safely sleep until the spring.

Result:  rosette-gold