A painting or encaustic artwork entitled “My Apiary”.

Entrant ID:  1311133 Entrant Name:  Ruth Bullock
Description: This is the first ever piece of encaustic art work I have done, and in fact only received my tools through the post this week.

I have chosen to layer the wax on a piece of rough wood to give the picture a more natural and rustic feel to it.

It represents the image of a hive that we see as we enter the field where we have set many against the hedgerows.

We moved some hives to a new field this year, where there is a lot more natural wild planting around the crops. The wetter weather this summer has given the field a leafy, jungle look with tall grasses, which has enveloped and framed the hives. There is some bright vividness amongst the greens from the clover, ragwort and poppies. The field has a surreal beauty and epitomises the wonder of nature with hares and rabbits (and pollinators) freely playing and red kites screeching overhead.

I enjoyed creating this snapshot although the wood was rather rougher to work with than I thought it would be.

Entry: 1311133-21
Result:  rosette-red


Entrant ID:  1319384 Entrant Name:  Beverley Underwood
Entry: 1319384-21
Result:  rosette-gold