Schools Art Competition

Bedfordshire Schools Art Competition 2018

Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association has an ambition to increase interest, particularly of young people, in the craft of beekeeping. Therefore, they are inviting schools in Bedfordshire to take part in a bee-themed art competition which will encourage children to learn about bees.  Schools should register to take part by the end of June 2018, so if you have not already heard about this via your school, please download a copy of the rules from the Bedfordshire Beekeepers website ( There will be two classes:

Competition Class 1:  Day in the Life of a Bee

For Key stage 2 and 3 students (maximum size A3):

Students should work either individually or collaboratively to create an illustration that shows the ‘Day in the Life of a Bee’. Students should investigate the busy life of a bee and how they visit flowers to collect pollen and nectar before carrying it back to the hive and turning the nectar into honey. Students can work in whichever media is most appropriate.

Competition Class 2: Bee Apocalypse

For Key stage 4 students (maximum size equivalent to A3 to be displayed either vertically (on a poster board) or horizontally (on a table):

‘Bee Apocalypse’. Bees are a vital part of our community. Investigate why bees are important and then create a final piece that communicates the significance of bees and the potential consequences of the loss of this valuable species to the human race. Students can use any media; painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, textiles are all welcome!

Schools can decide how they are going to select the artworks to represent them. These will be judged by a panel and the 10 finalists from each of the competition classes will be displayed at a Honey Festival to be held at Woburn Abbey Gardens on 22nd September 2018. The winners will be decided by public votes from visitors to the festival and will be announced on the day.

Every year the Association holds an annual honey show, with exhibits of the best honey, hive products (such as beeswax and candles) and crafts (including cookery using honey) from around the County. This year the show will be held at Woburn Abbey Gardens on 22nd September 2018. In addition to the show Beds BKA will be organising a honey festival where there will be a chance to talk to beekeepers, see equipment, attend talks, view a microscopy display, taste honey and see an observation hive.