Talk on charity ‘Bees Abroad’ by Geoff Redwood


From 7.30pm until 9.30pm

At Flitwick Village Hall MK45 1HP

Free - all welcome

Bees Abroad provides education and technical advice on beekeeping and relevant business skills. We achieve this by setting up and supporting field extension services. Training courses are also run for local beekeepers and we finance trainers.  As a non-profit making organisation, support can be given to beekeepers and their families wherever poverty defines need. Our skilled team of trustees ensures this happens effectively.

Projects are managed by designated, unpaid, project managers and run within a group structure.  Our Project Managers design them to become self-funding small businesses after a defined period of time.

Bees Abroad uses funds for the relief of poverty and this is overseen by the trustees. Projects are bound by our legal, charitable requirement to reach the poorest sectors of society.  We need to make sure that projects can be sustainable. A group cannot depend on continued funds from outside the area or on one person’s hard work.

Bees Abroad promotes and supports projects that use affordable, appropriate techniques and equipment. We cannot accept applications involving unsuitable beehives or imported species of honey bee.

The talk is free and open to all.

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