Winter Talk

Dunstable Road, Flitwick Mk45 1HP

From 19:30 until 22:00

At Flitwick Village Hall


Dunstable Road, Flitwick Mk45 1HP

Chris Saunders

Pete Folge, our Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) is coming along to talk us on his role and his experience as a beekeeper. Peter runs over 50 colonies of his own as well as inspecting bees every day.

Wally our Secretary says:

"How these inspectors manage to do so much beekeeping in a week is beyond me. Personally, I look forward to a visit by the Bee Inspector (quite different from a tax one) as I always learn something from them. They go through hives looking for brood disease. If there is disease I am not confident I would always find it so to have an expert do this for me is very re-assuring. Fortunately to date no serious brood disease has been present in my hives. During inspections I have the opportunity to 'pick their brain' which I find so useful.

You too can have this opportunity if you come along to listen to this talk. It will be a practical one and, beginners and more experienced beekeepers will gain from it."

Please do try to come along.

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